InterAge Activities is committed to helping long term care communities develop their own culture and curriculum of engagement.


CommunityCare Team Engagement: Training & Workshops

  • Integrate your team’s hobbies and interests into activities
  • Employ your team’s expertise in resident lifestyle plans
  • Empower your team’s empathy to improve customer service
  • Amplify your team’s commitment with individual and team goals
  • Know your residents with a variety of personalized tools and resources


Activity Program Development: From activities program to enrichment curriculum

  • Calendar templates by the day, week, month and season
  • Turnkey activities customized for your environment
  • Hundreds of variations for use throughout the aging process
  • In-service materials, supply list and the Periodic Table of Activities Manual
  • Outlines for special events, holidays and projects
  • Referrals for performers, instructors and guest speakers


Guest Activities Services: Specializing in internet-supported, multimedia group learning experiences and guided conversation in the following areas:

  • Current Events
  • Travel & Geography
  • History & Politics
  • Music, Arts &  Culture
  • Language & Literature
  • Personal Lifestory Exploration


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