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Tell Me How Cards – Printable

Everybody likes to talk about things that they know a lot about, and these cards focus on everyday experiences and activities in which most aging seniors are experts.

You’re welcome to print and use this free PDF version.

Or you can buy a set including:

  • 25 sturdy, laminated cards

  • Follow-upĀ  questions

  • Sample lists

  • Discussion prompts

  • Game instructions

  • Variations

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Food Facts ‘Did you know…’ Cards – Printable

Here’s our first batch of Food Facts Discussion Cards. There’s lots of interesting tidbits here that can inspire conversation and reminicense.

This is something that can be placed at table settings during meals or used for group or one-on-one conversations.

  • 50 sturdy, laminated cards

  • Over 150 thought provoking food facts

  • Follow-up questions to stimulate dining discussions

Download this free PDF version, to print out on your own.

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Toss n’ Talk

This is one of my favorite products, and it incorporates both conversation and a little exercise. The Toss n’ Talk balls are great for 1-on-1 or group activities, and there’s tons of variations.

Labor Day – Interactive

Labor Day is a great holiday to explore on the internet with seniors. These historical photos of child workers taken by Lewis Hine in the early 20th century are credited with inspiring what we know as the labor movement.

While people then and now were outraged to see these pictures, a lot of aging seniors might have had parents or siblings who grew up working in fields and factories similar to these images.

Talk with seniors about what work was like in the old days. What kind of work did their parents and grandparents do?

Check out the history of Labor Day in this article from the Department of Labor, and here are some facts about ‘the workingman’s holiday.”

Funny Laws – Printable

A funny thing about laws is that they don’t just go away, so we end up with troves of outdated, irrelevant laws on the book. Laws that are initially ridiculous or incredible can lead to great conversations.

Download and print this PDF of Funny Laws.

  • Use it to start a conversationĀ about how some of these laws ever came about.

  • If it mentions a place, ask if anyone’s ever been there.

  • Has anyone has ever been guilty of any of these ‘crimes.’

  • do they relate to anyone’s profession?

  • what should the punishments be?

Stretch it out to multiple steps by making it a crafts project:

  • Cut out each funny law like a flashcard
  • Clip a photo from a magazine to go with each law
  • Devise appropriate punishments for each crime
  • You can also laminate the whole sheet or the individual flashcards for reuse!

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Wikipedia – Now, I Know Everything

Wikipedia is one of the fundamental tools when using the internet to engage aging seniors.

discussion groups

one of the most therapeutic things we can do is have a conversation.