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Ping Pongdemonium

who knew that a dozen ping pong balls and two empty water pitchers could be so much fun.

Who’s the Aging Senior?

the aging senior is not 65. when you are 65, you are just a senior. when you are 95, you are an aging senior. by that, i mean that you become actively involved in the daily progression of your own aging. aging is a verb, and the very old don’t look like they are “doing” very much, but they are. Continue reading

Wikipedia – Now, I Know Everything

Wikipedia is one of the fundamental tools when using the internet to engage aging seniors.

arts and crafts

they are really fun…


We’ve gotta be ready for anything, and that means staying fit. exercising with seniors means getting down to the basics.

indoor sports

exercise is everything, but no one wants to do exercise videos 3 times a day. There’s a great variety of indoor sports that are cheap, fun and invigorating.

discussion groups

one of the most therapeutic things we can do is have a conversation.

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